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Fundraising Opprotunities

Easy ways To EARN Money $$$ Towards Your  Contribution

During Summer 2016-2017

Welcome to the 2016-2017 FVHS Boys Soccer Boosters! We are here to help you EARN money towards your son’s contribution so you pay less out of your pocket.   Here are some things you can do during the summer…..

Jamba Juice Cards

We sell Jamba Juice Cards (Buy1 Get 1 Free, can be used up to 6 times!).   Each card is $10, and we give $5 towards your contribution!   See Shelley, Tanya or Anne if you want to purchase them.


Anybody 18 or older ( and no longer a FVHS student ) can work a shift at FVHS BINGO. Earn $50 for a 3 hour shift. 100% goes to your contribution!  If interested, please contact Kevin Mack or text him at (714)553-9149. Very popular and fun way to earn money!!

GB2S Insurance

Since everybody needs a car insurance/home insurance, switch to GB2S and earn money!   GB2S donates a portion of the total revenue to your contribution! We had parents who switched their auto insurance, not only they saved money, GB2S gave back to their son’s contribution.   Contact Roy Tran at (855)859-4227.


Banners & Program Ads

This can be one of the easiest and fastest money maker for your son. Ask businesses that are around if they would like to advertise with us.  They win with a great banner that advertises their business for a whole year.  It’s would be displayed on the outside of the varsity field.  If you’re a business owner yourself, it helps your business and your son.   Selling banners and program ads and earn $150 to $300!! It goes towards your contribution! Contact Tanya



Script is another name for gift cards. The FVHS band purchases script cards at a discount price, sells them to FVHS families at a face value. They give 75% of the discount back to your contribution!   Grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, fast foods, you name it.  Many families earned money towards the contribution through this wonderful program!  Contact Marti Cope (714)580-6501 or  For more information, visit


Baron Blankets

Are you ready for the cold night watching your son’s games? Bring a baron blanket to your sons’ games and cheer for the Barons! $45 per a blanket, $18 goes towards your contribution!


Shoe Fundraiser

Once a year we collect used shoes as a fundraiser. Mandatory for all players. The goal is for each player to bring in 1-3 bags of used/old shoes.  Each bag has to have a minimum of 25 pairs of shoes.  Summer is a perfect time to clean kids’ closet. .  It does not matter how used the shoes are or how new.  They just need to be matching pairs and they need to be taped or rubber banded together.  It’s so simple!  You can create a flyer and pass it around your neighborhood and have your neighbors leave outside and your son can collect the shoes.   Ask your neighbors to save old shoes. We will collect shoes in September, the date and time will be announced.   We will give $$ towards your contribution. The amount varies by the number of the bags collected.  


There are other ways to help without spending extra money….   Every time you shop or dine out, the stores and restaurants will donate to the Soccer Boosters!


Communities For Cause

Download the free app on your cell phone. Every time you shop or dine out, they will donate to our soccer boosters. Please choose “FVHS Boys Soccer Boosters” for your Cause.

Amazon Smile

Do you or your family/friend shop on Amazon?   Go to Sign in as you always do with your amazon account.  Choose your charity “Fountain Valley HS Boys Soccer Boosters”.  With no additional cost, Amazon will make a donation to the boosters every time you or your family shops!

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