Advertising and Sponsorship

FVHS Football
2018 Banner and Advertisting Campaign
We are encouraging you to reach out to our local businesses to become part of the Baron Football Community Partnership Program. The biggest tip we have learned from selling the banners is that follow-up with the business is a must and it usually takes multiple contacts in person and by email follow-up to make the sale.
As a reminder, selling banners or the open sponsorship to businesses in Fountain Valley, and the surrounding communities provides an opportunity to fund-raise for your player account. There are many different sponsorship levels with prices and profits listed below. 
Here are some ideas that we recommend to help with making the sale:
  • Deliver the form to the companies decision maker in person.  Most sales will require multiple follow-up discussions.
  • Work in teams to cover more ground.  Profits can be split across multiple player accounts.
  • If possible join your player when contacting a prospective sponsor.  This will allow you to answer questions as needed.
  • Talk about building community relationship and how this partnership will help extend their advertising dollars.
  • Target local companies and not the larger national companies in our communities. 
Let them know that with as little as a $250.00 contribution local businesses can become a community sponsor in the Banner Advertisement Sponsorship Campaign.   Open donations of any amount are also encouraged and accepted.  
All donations to our football program are accepted through the Fountain Valley Football Boosters and are tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. 
The banner campaign runs through July 31st, but we recommend that you start right away.  Banners typically are displayed in September, but let your sponsors know that we will be printing and hanging them when they are received.  So if they commit early they will capitalize on additional advertising time.
Attached please find the sponsorship form to use when presenting the campaign to local business. Hard copies are also available through Coach Fenton in the Football office.
  • Baron Elite Sponsorship – $1500.00 – includes 2 banners / $650.00 earned to player account
  • Baron Sponsorship – $1,000.00 – includes 2 banners / $400 earned to player account
  • Blue Sponsorship – $750.00 – includes 2 banners / $275 earned to player account
  • Gold Sponsorship – $600.00 – includes 1 banner / $250 earned to player account
  • Red Sponsorship – $400.00 – includes 1 banner / $150 earned to player account
  • Touchdown Club – $250.00 – name on group banner / $100 earned to player account
  • Open Donation – Total amount of the donation goes to player account
Please contact me with any questions or need further clarification.  I am also available to talk with your sponsors if they have questions
Katherine Garrett