6th Per. Attendance Policy

In-Season / Off- Season Sports Attendance Policy

Attendance expectations for ALL Student-Athletes enrolled in either a 6th period sport specific in-season or off season class run by the coach:
1) It is not mandatory for athletes to be in an off season sport specific class, however if a coach/sport holds an off season program it is encouraged for skill development that an athlete attend unless they are involved in another sport.  All 9th & 10th graders must be enrolled in PE of which a sport specific off season class can take the place of.  Otherwise, they must be enrolled in the 6th period PE Athletics class or another Regular PE class.
2) Each coach establishes practice days and times for each sport, at the coaches discretion, which may or may not be held every day during the normal bell schedule 6th period time slot (daily 1:55pm – 2:50 pm); nevertheless, student-athletes are required to attend all scheduled practices and games for their sport, whenever those times may beFor a list of both in-season and off-season practice times for your son/daughter’s sport, click here


3) Parents and student athletes hereby acknowledge that, in the event a program’s practice or game that day is not held during a normal bell schedule 6th period, the time between a students last class and the start of their sport’s practice and or game that day is considered non-school hours for the student, and he/she is released from school and will not be under school supervision. As a result, parents hereby acknowledge that the school will have no liability with respect to the student athlete’s coming or going to school during this time, pursuant to Education Code Section 44808.
4) Attendance is taken each time that a team meets; if a student/athlete is absent that absence must be cleared through the coach according to the coach’s team/program expectations and policies. Student athletes are not allowed to leave a practice or game early unless arrangement has been made with the coach prior to.
5) In the event a student-athlete is not in attendance each time a team meets, the coach will mark the student-athlete absent in SB2000, and the absence will remain until it is cleared through the coach. If the absence is not cleared through the coach, the absence will become a truancy per FVHS and HBUHSD attendance policies.