Policies and Procedures

Hot Weather Guidelines for Athletic Practice & CIF Bylaw 510 Governing Undue Influence and Athletically Motivated Transfers FVHS Athletic Department

Policies and Procedures


Interscholastic athletics can be an integral part of a student’s high school experience.  Interscholastic athletics helps promote unity, loyalty, and a sense of belonging to an organization that has a purpose and commitment.  At Fountain Valley High School, students of diverse backgrounds and abilities have an opportunity for varied sports experiences commensurate with their interests.

Participation in Interscholastic athletics promotes good sportsmanship and fair play, while contributing to physical growth and cognitive development.  The health and welfare of our student athletes is of primary concern.  Healthy habits, teamwork, good citizenship, and academic achievement are expectations from all of our student athletes.

When a student athlete is suspended from school for an offense related to drugs or alcohol he/she will receive a suspension from athletics.

What this means:

If a student athlete is found in possession of, consuming, or having the affects of alcohol or drugs at school, at a school related function (homecoming dance, etc) or at a school related activity (sporting event, etc) he/she is referred to Supervision the next school day.  If the student athlete is suspended, the athletic director in conjunction with the head coach will suspend the student athlete from competition for a period of time which will cover 10% to 30% of the scheduled games, matches, or competitions.  For the first three days when the student athlete is not at school they will not be at practice.  After the student athlete returns to school they may return to practice but will not be allowed to compete at any level of their sport for the 10% to 30% duration.  The student athlete will then be placed on contract.

What this means: A football season with 10 games would cause a student athlete to lose 1 to 3 games as decided by Coach Fenton and the AD.

Wrestling with a 40 match rule would cause a student athlete to lose 4 to 12 matches again based upon Coach Woodbury and the AD.

Baseball with a 20 game limit would have a student athlete lose 2 to 6 games as decided by Coach Yanigasawa and the AD.


Note:  If the student is out of season when the offense occurs the matching athletic suspension from competition will be deferred until the first week of competition during their next sports season.  If an athletic suspension is not fulfilled by the end of the season it will carry over to the next season of sport that the student athlete competes in, beginning with the first week of competition.


Bigger Note:  A second offense resulting in suspension due to drugs or alcohol after a contract has been signed will result in the loss of the student athlete from both practice and competition for at least 12 weeks with a carry over to the next season of sport and could result in dismissal from the team (coaches discretion).


Lastly, if the student athlete is suspended by Supervision for any other reason (i.e. fighting, etc) there will be a consequence decided by the coach and AD and 1 game suspension from the week of their first competition in their current or next season of sport whichever is most immediate.


Revised 9-24-13


A grade in Athletics is based on attendance, conduct, participation, practice and interscholastic contests. A student-athlete is expected to be in attendance everyday and fully complete their sport’s workout for that day. He/she is also expected to participate in every practice, attend every scheduled contest, and exhibit proper sportsmanship and conduct, both on and off the playing field.

A doctor’s note excusing a student-athlete from completing a daily workout must be on file with the Health Office/ School Nurse and Trainer’s Office for any injury that causes a student-athlete to miss more than two consecutive days of workouts.  Although the athlete may not be able to practice/participate, the athlete is expected to attend practice in support of their teammates.


If an injury requires a student-athlete to miss a significant number of workouts and/or interscholastic contests, the student-athlete will be referred to the Athletic Director for possible enrollment in a Physical Education class in order to satisfy the graduation requirement for physical education.


Purchase of school insurance or proof of personal insurance is required for all students who participate in athletics, cheer team, or other related activities.  School insurance is available to all students at a nominal cost.  A Student Accident & Health Insurance brochure is available in the Activities Office.

State of California/ CIF Concussion/ Return to Play Policy (2014-2015 State CIF Constitution and By-laws.):

503-H. Concussion Protocol
A student-athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from competition at that time for the remainder of the day. A student-athlete who has been removed from play may not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in education and management of concussion and receives written clearance to return to play from that health care provider. On a yearly basis, a concussion and head injury information sheet shall be signed and returned by all athletes and the athlete’s parent or guardian before the athlete’s initiating practice or competition. (Approved May 2010 Federated Council/Revised May 2012 Federated Council)
Q: What is meant by “licensed health care provider?”
A: The “scope of practice” for licensed health care providers and medical professionals is defined by California state statutes. This scope of practice will limit the evaluation to a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathy (DO).

(effective 1/1/15): click here to go to the new approved AB 2127 Concussion Protocol / CIF rule 503.H that will become California Education Code on Jan. 1, 2015.

CIF Bylaw 510 Governing Boosters, Undue Influence and Athletically Motivated Transfers:

CIF Bylaw 510 Governing Undue Influence and Athletically Motivated Transfers

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