Booster Insurance Guildlines

Please note the new district requirements for booster club insurance.

If you have not renewed your booster club insurance please purchase through RV Nuccio or another provider besides
AIM so your group will meet the mandatory abuse and molestation coverage mandate ef ective 7/1/1/2015.

Please be advised ef ective July 1, 2015, all facility use will require insurance policies verify that child abuse and
molestation are not excluded under the general liability policy. (bullet item #1(5) on the 2014 Facility Use Agreement…)
If another insurance carrier provides this coverage, a separate COI and additional insured written endorsement as
described above should be provided.

It is imperative that groups provide the second second page endorsement that specifically names Huntington Beach
Union High School District additional insured.

Here are some insurance company contacts that might help with coverage, we are NOT promoting these companies –
just trying to give you some resources. Please be sure to request an annual policy. 310-216-9152
Scott Mackay Herman Insurance 310-634-3692
Bene-Marc Athletic Insurance 800-247-1734

If you have any questions, please contact Donnae Bergson at our district office 714-903-7000 ext. 4322.