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Fountain Valley High School

Boys & Girls Golf Programs


Coaching Staff


Coach Carter Keyser – Varsity Coach

714-962-3301 ext. 4107


Coach Vanessa Marquez – JV Coach-Girls

714-962-3301 ext. 4226


Coach Jason Kols – JV Coach –Boys

714-962-3301 ext 4227



Guidelines and Policies


Premise: It is an honor and a privilege to be an athlete at FVHS. Utilize the following philosophy:


Each athlete who represents FVHS in interscholastic athletics shall be charged with the responsibility that they, by their actions inside and outside the athletic arena, represent all of the interscholastic athletics at FVHS.  They are expected to always put forth their best efforts individually and in representing the team, as well as the institution as a whole.


There are added responsibilities and expectations for our athletes because of the facilities that we are able to use.  We are guests of David L. Baker Golf Course, Mile Square Golf Course and any other golf course that we play during the season.


Golf courses have their own dress codes and set of rules to follow.  We must constantly act and dress appropriately.  The team is very visible wherever we go; therefore, each athlete has a responsibility to remember that they are not only representing the golf team, but FVHS as well.




Notifying teacher

Tell teachers of absences in advance

You are responsible for make-up work

If you have a problem missing a certain class, please notify your coach

If you have to make up a test/lab during practice time, you must bring a signed excused note to your respective coach the next time you meet.


Study plan

Stay ahead in classes

Process papers and project early if possible.



2.0 GPA must be maintained to stay eligible to participate in girl’s golf

Grade checks are performed by coaches and administration throughout the season

Low grades may jeopardize playing time to allow for academic improvement

All players must attend school on the day of a match to be eligible to play in the match



Do not complain about your workload, homework, tests, teachers, etc.

You are student-athletes.  Every athlete has a similar schedule, so discipline yourself to stay on top of it


Physical Training

Stay in the best physical condition during the season

If you are injured, report it immediately to your coach




All players must wear golf shorts, capris, skorts, or pants to all practices and matches.  Shorts and skorts must be an appropriate length ad may not be denim.

Uniform Shirts must be worn on the day of a match.

For the first match of the week, we will wear our light colored shirts.  The second match of the week, we will wear our dark colored shirts.  If there is a third match during the week, we will wear our light color shirts again.

Players out of uniform will not be allowed to play.

Continuous violation of uniform policy may result in loss of playing time or suspension.



Wear golf shoes or athletic shoes to all practices and matches.

Shoes must have soft spikes.

Shoes must be in good condition.


General Guidelines


USGA Rules apply in all golf matches unless local rules are mention by the coaches or on the score card.

Violation of a golf rule will result in a penalty of a disqualification


Courtesy at Matches

Conduct yourself as a lady at all times, on and off the course.

Introduce yourself to your opponents at the start of each match

Congratulate your opponents at the end of each match

Show respect to all personnel on the golf course


Integrity on the golf course

Integrity is of utmost importance in the game of golf.  All players are ultimately responsible for keeping a true and honest score in all matches.

Players are responsible for ensuring that their opponents are keeping an honest scorecard.

If any players violate either of these rules, that player will be subject to suspension or possible termination from the Girls’ Golf Program.


Absence / Tardy

A player is considered absent if they do not attend practice, a planned match, or a team meeting at any time during the season.

All players must notify their respective coach well in advance if they cannot make it to a match or a practice.

Excused absences include illness, meeting with an academic teacher, making up a test/lab, or family related emergency.  If a player is taking an excused absence, they must bring a signed excused note from their teacher, doctor, or parent to their respective coach the next time you meet.

Unexcused absences include serving detention, social events, and other non-academic related activities.  One unexcused absence will result in a warning, two unexcused absences will result in suspension from a match, three unexcused absences will result in a weeklong suspension from the team, and a forth unexcused absence will result in termination from the golf program and a failing grade in PE.

A player is considered tardy if they are not prepared and ready to participate at the appointed time of practice or match.  Excused and unexcused tardies must follow the same procedure as excused and unexcused absences.




Procedures at the golf course

Be dressed and ready to play at least 15 minutes before the match.

Always stretch thoroughly before playing in a match or hitting golf balls.

Drink plenty of water during the match

Be courteous to all members, guests and course personnel

Players finishing early are expected to act appropriately until all groups have finished

Players finishing early may not leave until dismissed by the coach.



The school vans will be used for away (all matches not at David L. Baker or Mile Square) Varsity and JV matches.

All players will be responsible for their own transportation to practices and home matches.

No players are allowed to drive themselves to away matches without written consent from their parents.

Leave the vans spotless upon returning to the school.


Mental Preparation


Discuss good shots only

Control temper and self-talk

Do not dwell on mistakes

Stay positive



Process the round… think about good shots and putts

Pull for and encourage your teammates

Be mentally prepared to play upon arrival to the course… no talking about the weekend or social events.

Practice on the putting green individually

If time allows, warm up on the driving range… coaches will supply range balls before the match.


Playing Time



Based on tryouts, practices and observation, the top players will play on the Varsity team… all others will play on the JV team.

As the season progresses, it is possible to move between the two teams based on performance and scores.

Players are expected to attend every practice and meeting.

A player must participate in three varsity matches using her score.



It is possible to move up to varsity during the golf season.

Normally, the top players will be in the majority of the matches with the others on a rotation; the rotation may or may not be even.

No seniors should be on the JV team.





Agreement to Policies and Guidelines


I, ___________________________, understand and agree to the above guidelines and policies of the FVHS  Golf Team.  I also understand that if at any time during the season I don not adhere to these guidelines, I will be subject to suspension or possible termination from the Golf Program.




Parent Signature:______________________________________