VNN Website Tutorials/ Getting Started

To get started, complete the following:

1) The first step in the process of getting started is to sign up for a pressbox account; follow- these directions to do so:

  1. Go to
  2. Click sign up
  3. Enter the information that it asks for. When it asks for a password, you can make up your own. When done, click create account.
  4. The system might send you an email after that to verify. Open that email and verify and you can continue the process
  5. Pick the location and school you are with and the sport you coach
  6. If you coach more than one team, pick the highest level one for now, We can add more later
  7. Now you will see that your account is waiting for approval
  8. At this point the AD has to log into his or her Pressbox account, use the rubick’s cube looking square in the top right corner to go to “teammate”, and then in the teammate section the AD will see a tab that says “needs approval”. All the coaches waiting to be approved will be listed there for the AD to click on.
  9. Once your AD approves you, you can log out of Pressbox and then log back in. If your schedules are entered into Home Campus, you will see them and you are now ready to start using the app.

Here is a video that shows you how to complete the steps above:

This only takes a few minutes to set up. And once you’re in, it saves you more than a few minutes every single time you enter a score, and it creates a cool story on your website, sends out social media posts and updates your record and schedule. And if you’re a varsity coach using Pressbox to enter scores, this does that for you too!! Once you have set up your account and start using this app, it will take you about 1 minute to enter a score after a game from now on. And then the app creates a story on the website, a story on your team page, a facebook post, a twitter tweet, emails the info to any team contacts you have entered when setting up the account (like OC Varsity, or your AD or league coordinator…. whoever you want), and sends the info to Home Campus, which then forwards the info to CIF. You don’t have to take any of those steps any more. You are done!)

Once your account is created and you are signed in, here is a series of videos to help you navigate the site:

2) Once logged in, here’s how you post a score. Note that when a coaches uses this app to post a score, that score goes on the website home page, on that team page, updates that team schedule and record, sends out a facebook post and twitter tweet, emails anyone they want (like media), and updates Home Campus, which then updates CIF:

3) to post an announcement, etc. on your program’s site, check out this video:

4) to add team contacts, check out this video:

5) Sending Alerts- This video is closer to 4 minutes. In the beginning it says to log in at You do NOT have to do this if you already set up your Pressbox account. In Pressbox, a coach can click the rubiks cube a the top right of the screen, and choose the alerts option, and it will take them to the alerts page that you will see in this video.

Also, coaches should tell all their athletes and parents to go to the athletics website and, under the alerts box on the home page, to click the link to sign up for alerts.

6) here are a couple of other areas on the site that can help:


7) For a whole bunch more videos for coaches, go to this link and scroll down to the knowledge base